1st Friday Albany

1st Friday News:

Aug 23, 2017: 1st Friday, September 01 2017

Fall back into school, and ART!

Jul 29, 2017: 1st Friday, August 04 2017

Welcome to the dog days of summer. Let's look at some art.

Jul 01, 2017: 1st Friday, 07 2017

Happy Fourth of July, and may God Bless America

May 29, 2017: 1st Friday, 06 2017

High Summer == High Art

May 05, 2017: 1st Friday, 05 2017

Have an ARTY! Cinco de Mayo.

Apr 07, 2017: 1st Friday, April 2017

April showers are full of art!

Feb 27, 2017: 1st Friday, March 2017

Great weather, better art!

Jan 29, 2017: 1st Friday, February 2017

Fresh snow, fresh art. Enjoy the winter, and Albany!

Dec 31, 2016: 1st Friday, January 2017

First 1st Friday of 2017!

Dec 02, 2016: 1st Friday, December 2016

Merry Christmas and we'll see you next year!

Nov 04, 2016: November's 1st Friday is on November 4, 2016

OK. You ate too much candy. Take a walk, look at some art, and think healthy thoughts!

Oct 04, 2016: October's 1st Friday is on October 7, 2016

A ghostly experience of art . . . and terror.

Aug 29, 2016: September's 1st Friday is on September 2, 2016

School is in session. Fall is in the air. And this Friday is going to ROCK!

Jul 31, 2016: Announcing 1st Friday: August, 5 2016

The dog days of summer are here. Go look at some art!

May 29, 2016: Announcing 1st Friday: June, 3 2016

Come enjoy the show, summer is (almost) here! (This show is still a work in progress.)

Apr 25, 2016: Announcing 1st Friday: May, 6 2016

It is time to start thinking summer, sun and fun. Make 1st Friday Albany your FIRST summer stop.

Mar 24, 2016: Announcing 1st Friday: April, 1st 2016

No Joke! April's 1st Friday is . . . April 1st!

Mar 04, 2016: Mea Culpa

Oops. The UAG's esteemed Web Monkey (me) messed up the 1st Friday page for March. Read on for the gory details.

Feb 29, 2016: March - Green Art!

March is the greenest month on the calendar. It also has the best beer. This month 1st Friday is laying out the green to bring you art and events across Albany. And we have awesome volunteer opportunities for you!

Feb 03, 2016: There is no winter but art!

Winter in the capital district has been practically tropical this year, which means you have zero excuses. Join us for the February 1st Friday and support our sponsors!

Jan 25, 2016: Announcing The New 1st Friday Website!

With the new year, 1stFridayAlbany.org gets a new website. Our old page has served us well but it was time for a change. Our new home will include more content, news, and art. This is the most substantial update to the 1st Friday website in about two years. We hope you are as excited as we are!